Prog Sphere Promotions is a boutique agency providing bands representation and public relations in the music industry, with a tendency of supporting up-and-coming bands from all around the world. Our primary goal is to provide a support to the bands which by its quality certainly deserve to be heard. Our promotional campaign include a marketing to radio and TV stations, internet and printed magazines, web portals, and of course to the fans of progressive music. The website where you can follow our activities is placed on: (comming soon).

NATHAN MAHL to Release New Album “Justify”

Unicorn Digital presents this new disc from Nathan Mahl.

For Justify, bandleader Guy LeBlanc has recruited his most trusted and reliable collaborators to record 7 new songs that explore Good and Evil, and the best way to tell the difference.

From its first aggressive sensual strains to the grandiose passionate finale, Justifywill take you for a ride that covers the whole spectrum of human…

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Monsterholic - Anthems for the Bullied

Four-piece band hailing from Spain, Monsterholic is a curious beast. In fact, although tagged alternative/prog metal, their music doesn’t follow the beaten paths of this genre and the diversity of the material makes it hard to put in a specific box.

Although metal elements abound, fortunately more groovy and catchy than flashy and complex, we sense a strong need from vocalist/keyboardist, Alex…

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Top 20 Progressive Metal Concept Albums by Prog Sphere

Last week we had an article on the top 30 progressive rock concept albums, and many of you were asking how it’s possible there is not this and that Dream Theater’s album, Ayreon, etc. Well, the reason is that we saved some of this for the feature that concerns progressive metal, so in this post we present you the top 20 progressive metal concept albums in our choice.

Let us know what are your…

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REDEMPTION to Release “Live From The Pit” DVD in September

Laser’s Edge subsidiary Sensory Records has confirmed the late summer release of the maiden live album from Redemption, the U.S. progressive metal band featuring in its ranks guitarist/songwriter Nick van Dyk and Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder.

In 2012, Redemption co-headlined the world-famous ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta, where the band recorded a unique show featuring nearly eighty…

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ALLEN / LANDE: Trailer of “The Great Divide” Posted Online

As we previously announced, the fourth studio album from the collaborative project between Russell Allen (

We Are Giving Away Tickets for Two KING CRIMSON Shows

Prog Sphere knows that there are so many progressive rock concerts out there, but let’s face it, you do not see King Crimson every Friday.

Exclusive Premiere of KEVIN SERRA’s “Acid Dream”

Prog Sphere brings you an exclusive premiere of Kevin Serra‘s song Acid Dream taken from his solo album Mirage Reflection(review here), released earlier this year.

Inspired by Joe Satriani, Kevin Serrastarted playing guitar at the age of 14, spending the first few years playing the guitar upside-down on an old vintage acoustic Dreadnought guitar. By 16, Serra started writing his own music,…

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JASON RUBENSTEIN: Personal Evolution


Jason Rubenstein released his sixth studio full-length release New Metal From Old Boxes in May 2014, an album that is described as his return to progressive rock roots with a loud, heavy, energetic and modern suite of instrumentals that evoke King Crimson, ELP, NiN, and classical music. Head over to Progify to hear the album in entirety. 

Prog Sphere talked with Jasonabout his work, latest album…

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MAJESTY OF REVIVAL Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Tour

Ukrainian metallers Majesty of Revival have recently started a crowd-funding campaign via Indiegogo, asking people to help them embark on tour in support of their critically acclaimed album…

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